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ALS Million-Dollar-Challenge

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ALS, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is not a contagious disease. It has to do with nerve cells inside the brain and spine that controls voluntary movements. If someone has this disease, they may experience paralysis over time. It will eventually become fatal, though how long it takes for someone to lose their life varies on a case by case basis.

ALS is not contagious, but it can affect anyone. Approximately 5,600 people in the United States are diagnosed with the disease annually and it is responsible for approximately two deaths for every 100,000 people each year. It is scary to know that there is no known cause for it. This means that literally anyone can receive the diagnosis – and it can take someone by surprise.

Once a person is diagnosed with ALS, they have a life expectancy of between two and five years. This can vary based upon how a person is treated, as there is no cure. Some people have been able to live a quality life for at least five years following the diagnosis. The disease affects people around the world and has no ethnic, racial, or socioeconomic boundaries.
The reason that it leads to death is because the symptoms become worse. A person begins experiencing stiffness or weakness within the muscles. As it progresses, the limbs of the muscles become paralyzed and vital functions are then affected. Speech, swallowing, and breathing become more difficult until the body simply is unable to keep up.

There has been a considerable amount of research to find out what causes ALS and how it can be cured. Many people remember the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” that became popular as a fundraising campaign. A significant amount of money was raised and there were a lot of celebrity endorsements for it.

There have been treatments to show how various drugs have helped to alter the progression of ALS and this includes Riluzole, which was FDA approved in 1995. It was able to prolong a life by at least a few months, though it affects patients differently. There have been a variety of research studies and observations made with the antiglutamate drug.

All education and research takes funding, which is why the fundraising continues. No one can say they are not affected by ALS because it can affect anyone. It is not hereditary and it is not limited to a single area of the world.

The costs for medical care for someone who has ALS are significant. There is a lot of care required, especially as the disease advances. Equipment and home care can be required as time goes on and many people lack the medical coverage, which is often why a person with ALS doesn’t get the full level of care they require to be comfortable within the late stages of the disease.

The ALS Association is continuously working on identifying the cause and cure for ALS, which is also known as the Lou Gehrig disease because he was one of the first celebrities to have it. There are organizers around the globe who are actively involved in the fundraising and they believe that every dollar counts. This means that even the smallest donation from you can help.

ALS has been around for more than 100 years and was first discovered in 1869 by a French Neurologist. Lou Gehrig was affected by it in 1939 and it was what ended his baseball career, shining a bright spotlight on the issue.

Most people are affected by the disease between the ages of 40 and 70, though it has been known to affect people earlier than that as well as older. Since Lou Gehrig, there have been other notable people who have been affected, including actors, golfers, pro football and basketball players, and even a former vice president of the United States.

It has been estimated that approximately 30,000 Americans have the disease at any given time and this is enough cause for concern. While it’s not one of the most deadly diseases on the planet, it could affect anyone and no one knows the cause in order to be able to prevent it.

There is no cure or treatment, though there are some therapies and devices that can temporarily help with the management of the ALS symptoms. Imagine what would happen if you found out a loved one was diagnosed with ALS. You may have only a few years left with them since there is no cure. Further, you have no idea what caused such a disease to affect them. There are thousands of people who get such devastating news every year and it can be heart breaking. It can be a slow and painful progression because a person continuously loses their ability to move about and they become paralyzed.

With a donation, you have the ability to make a difference. Every dollar counts, so you can donate what you have available – and encourage others to do the same. This allows more money to go to the research to find not only a cure but also identify the cause as to why ALS is affecting people around the globe. The money you donate could be the defining moment in ALS history so that researchers are able to learn more about neurons and how the human body works.