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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Donation Planet’s Mission?

Donation Planet was created to effectively and efficiently impact charities with online donations. We provide reliable 24/7 services for nonprofit organizations to improve the planet. Our vision is to inspire increased charitable giving across the globe with personalized campaigns and presentations.

How do I donate?

  1. Select a charity or fundraising cause
  2. Select the donation amount and payment type (one-time or recurring)
  3. Enter your personal information and payment details (Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal)
  4. Your donation will be sent and you will receive 
    • an email receipt for donations to fundraisers and crowdfunding causes
    • an tax certificate for donations to registered 501(c)3 charities

Why should I use Donationplanet.org for online donations?

  • We only support officially certified charities.
  • Your payment is easy and secure with Braintree™ and PayPal™.
  • Secure and transparent escrow accounting.
  • We are an independent IRS recognized 501 (c)3 organization.
  • Your online donations are tax deductible.
  • Full accountability for your donations.
  • Instant distribution of donations.

Can I make a donation by check?

Donation Planet is a platform for online donations, but if you prefer,  just send us a good, old-fashioned check to Donation Planet Trust, Inc, 1100 5th Ave S, Suite 201, Naples, FL 34102.

Is there a minimum donation?

Yes, there is a minimum donation of $15 to fulfill Donation Planet’s mission.

How is Donation Planet supported?

Donation Planet receives support from our members, readers, foundations, syndication partners, and advertisers. We appreciate your support here: Donation Planet Trust, Inc.

What will my donation support?

Your donation will directly support trusted organizations and charities of your choice.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

This depends on whether you donate to a registered 501(c)3 charity or to an individual fundraiser or crowdfunding cause. Donations to registered 501(c)3 charities may be tax-deductible while donations to individual fundraising causes and crowdfunding campaigns are not. In case you have donated to a registered charity, you will automatically receive a tax certificate. Please check with your tax adviser for details.

Why is our Charity listed on Donation Planet?

The Internal Revenue Service publishes a list of all public charities and private foundations online. We use this public information and display all charities on our website sorted by category and location. This way our donor partners have the best possible overview about all tax-exempt charities and may search for their best donation choice. Public charities serve the public interest through a diversified board of directors or they would not receive IRS 501(c)3 recognition. Consequently it is not possible to own a public charity. In return they enjoy tax exemption and may issue tax certificates for donor contributions. Charities also enjoy the support of other public charities.  Donation Planet Trust, Inc. is such an IRS registered public charity that supports other public charities by collecting and distributing funds on their behalf. We list other public charities to consequently serve the public interest and don’t mean to interfere with other private motives. Donation Planet only displays public information and doesn’t advertise a certain charity without consent. We encourage your organization to claim your charity, upload a logo, pictures of your organization, events and include everything you want to share with our donor partners. Claiming your charity will result in higher visibility and more donations to follow. Add your charity here.

If you really don’t want to take advantage of Donation Planet,  we would be glad to remove your charity from our database. In this event, please send us your formal board decision on your organizations letter head including your EIN# by mail to Donation Planet Trust, Inc., 1100 5th Ave S, Suite 201, Naples, FL 34102.  Please note, that you can add your charity online any time later, when you are ready to accept online donations.

How do I register our Charity

It’s really easy to register your Charity on Donation Planet. Provide your legal or dba name, e-mail and address, a good description of your organization, EIN# and start collecting donations right away. Add your Charity here.

Why should a Charity provide it’s bank account and routing number

It’s not mandatory to provide your bank information to receive donations, but there are multiple advantages to do so: Receive your donation almost instantly after payment verification; save on administration fees (up to $5 per check transaction), save paper and the environment. In order to keep costs down, give you the maximum amount of your donations, and save paper we recommend you fill in your Charity bank information.

How much does it cost to use Donation Planet

Opening an account with Donation Planet is free for Charities and Fundraisers. There is no monthly fee. The transaction fee deducted from regular donations through our online marketplace and mobile applications is 4.5% + 2.2% +$0.30 credit card processing fee for donations to charities and a 7% transaction fee + 2.9% + $0.30 for donations to fundraisers not associated to an IRS-registered charity. Charities can also be featured on Donation Planet based on a monthly fee.

Is it secure to provide my bank information?

Yes, it is secure to provide your bank information. Donation Planet does not store any banking information, credit or debit card details. Your bank information is NOT stored on our database. Instead, it is forwarded directly to our credit and debit card processing provider BrainTree, a division of PayPal, Inc. This top notch company stores your data in an encrypted version on their database, so it is not possible to steal your information.