2020 statistics about real estate donations in the United States

  1. Total dollar amount of real estate donations in the United States in 2020 was approximately $19.5 billion.
  2. Of that, approximately $10.8 billion was given to charities, while the remaining $8.7 billion was donated to foundations and other nonprofit organizations.
  3. The total number of donors who made real estate gifts in 2020 was estimated at 120,000, with the average gift size being
  4. The top 10 states for real estate donations were California ($4.1 billion), New York ($2.8 billion), Florida ($2.4 billion), Texas ($1.4 billion), Pennsylvania ($1.1 billion), Illinois ($742 million), Massachusetts ($671 million), New Jersey ($657 million), Washington ($529 million), and Maryland ($416 million).
  5. The top 10 metropolitan areas for real estate donations were
    Los Angeles ($2.9 billion), New York City ($1.5 billion), San
    Francisco ($1.3 billion), Chicago ($905 million), Washington DC
    ($838 million), Miami ($716 million), Philadelphia ($581 million),
    Boston ($541 million), San Diego ($478 million), and Dallas-Fort
    Worth ($415)
  6. Residential property was the most commonly donated type of
    real estate, accounting for approximately 70 percent of total
  7. Commercial property was the second-most commonly donated
    type of real estate, accounting for 26 percent of total donations.
  8. Other types of real estate donations, such as land and vacant
    lots, made up 4 percent of total donations.